General Questions

CRIMSON offers premium wedding photography.One can capture a wedding in various ways; it can be either simple documentary,photojournalistic, candid or artistic. We do not limit ourselves to any particular genre, we perfectly blend different techniques. We look at wedding photography as a creation and do our best to capture the best possible frames. You will always find us taking pictures creatively and differently. Apart from artistic & candid wedding shoots CRIMSON also offers pre/post wedding couple shoots and Wedding films; and for all this we use most advance equipment .

Our charges depend on the scope of the assignment. We make sure that we understand the clients’ requirements before we send the quotation. Since we design the package exclusively for you rest assured that we offer the best possible quotation. We also make sure that we meet our clients to understand them, their ideas and requirements which eventually helps us to add different elements to the wedding shoot and give them the best options. We justify our charges by providing quality images and professionalism in our work.

We believe in professionalism so we certainly have a standard procedure. After receiving details of the assignment from the client (in person or by mail) we send them a quotation suitable to their expectations. Once it gets approved, we send them  an acceptance letter and formal contract mentioning payment and other terms. At this stage, we provisionally block our dates. Once we receive the advance payment your assignment is confirmed.

We take payments in instalments. As mentioned above, we have a set procedure.
– We accept 50% amount as an advance payment towards the confirmation. The remaining amount can be paid immediately after completing the event. The details about the instalments will be mentioned in the formal contract.

– In case of cancellation 30 days prior to the event date for any reason; only 50% amount from advance received will be refunded.
– If any cancellation is done in less than 30 days of the event; no refund will be given.

If the assignment is booked before less than 30 days and if it gets cancelled there will be no refund given.

At CRIMSON we truly enjoy our work so we do not limit it by the clock. We will be there from the beginning of the event till the end or as specified in the agreed contract.

And don’t worry, there is no upper limit on the number of photographs and the charges do not depend on the number of photographs either.

Of course not! We will just include our travel and accommodation expenses (as actuals) in the quotation or you may choose to arrange the same for us.

We do not want to crowd your wedding with the bandwagon of photographers. We believe in qualitative work. Thus, every crew member is well trained, enabling us to work light and coordinate effectively to provide good results. We include team members depending on the expanse of the wedding.

– Being a premium venture we offer creative photo books with high quality printing to our clients.
– We also specialise in making exclusive, personalised Coffee Table Books. This Coffee Table

Book is designed especially for you. We make this book unique and aesthetically pleasing because we know that it will be a lifetime memory for you.

Delivering Photographs, video or the film –
We understand your excitement and we will always try to deliver everything as early as possible. But once we shortlist all good images; they go through extensive creative editing and processing. So ideally, we try to deliver your photographs, video and/or film within 3-4 weeks from the last day of the assignment.

Delivering Photo Book/Coffee Table Book-
Once we deliver you the photographs and video, we request you to shortlist the photographs you wish to add in your photo book. Once we receive the list of selected photographs; we will take minimum 3 weeks to print the Photo Book/Coffee Table Book for you.

CRIMSON will have the copyrights for all the photographs and the video. Having said that;
these are your photographs too, so you can use them anywhere and however you want. You will always have usage rights of your photographs and wedding film but for non-commercial purposes.We will use some of the photographs from your wedding to publish them on our website and/or social media. Should you have any reservations against it, please feel free to discuss it with us.
We totally understand your concerns.

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